The Lagom Way

Our Process

Step 1
Per Project

Site Selection

Evaluate and Select site

  • Zoning Review
  • Utility Review
  • Geotechnical Review 

Lagom can assist with soil borings or test pits if needed

Collect and Report site information

  • Lot Ownership

Lagom can only build on sites that are owned by our development partners. A plan for site acquisition is required as part of site selection

  • Lot Dimensions
  • Legal Description & PID
Step 2
15 days

Plan Selection

Select house model

  • LANG – 2 Bedroom / 1.5 Bath / narrow lot format
  • ENDA – 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath / standard lot format
  • STORRE – 3 Bedroom / 1.5 Bath / standard lot format

Site Planning Exercise

  • Preliminary site plan to determine fit and site organization
  • Locate house, garage, shed, parking, and site circulation
Step 3
15 days

Design Process

Customize house model for site

  • Orientation, light, views
  • Finalize site plan

Select finish package

  • Shell Only
  • Små (basic)
  • Bättre (better)
  • Bäst (best)

During the design process, we’ll also provide ballpark pricing based on lot, house model, and finish package

Step 4
30 days

Pre-Planning Construction

  • Prepare project for permitting
    • Prepare permit-ready drawing set
    • Submit for building, utility, and zoning permits
  • Record interior and exterior selections
  • Provide final construction pricing as a sworn construction statement
  • Finalize project schedule
Step 5
4-6 Months


  • Secure all applicable building, utility, and zoning permits
  • Prepare construction-ready drawing set
  • Break ground
  • Provide full general contracting services for duration of construction

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